Solea® Dental Laser

Dr. Rick Jackomis and our team use the advanced Solea® dental laser to provide you with treatments that are more comfortable and more effective. This laser can be used in a wide range of treatments for hard and soft oral tissues and makes it easy for our dentist to perform the procedures that you need to enjoy a healthier smile. Give us a call at 703-444-9244 to learn more about the Solea dental laser in Sterling, Virginia, and to set up your appointment at our office.

A Better Change for Everyone
Solea has the advanced technology that has changed so much in dentistry. Solea is a powerful dental laser that can be used in place of a traditional dental drill in most of our procedures. It produces no noise, no vibration, and perhaps best of all, little to no discomfort for you!

What Is Solea?
Solea is an advanced CO2 dental laser system that is effective for both soft- and hard-tissue procedures. Its wavelength is carefully guided by computers to precisely target gums or teeth, resulting in cleaner and smaller incisions. Solea can be used for simple procedures, such as dental fillings, and complex surgeries, such as periodontal reconstruction.

Why Solea?
Solea allows for quicker and more accurate procedures than traditional dental tools. Solea can also eliminate the need for anesthetic during even the most intensive dental procedures. Due to its precision and computer-guidance, incisions are more controlled and less invasive, so there is usually little discomfort for patients. This can also result in shorter healing times and better treatment results. After a treatment with Solea, patients can usually resume all of their normal activities and eating right away.

We invite you to contact our office today for more information about the Solea dental laser and to schedule your consultation with our caring dentist. We look forward to helping you regain a healthy smile!