A Toothache Can Be Caused by Dental Trauma

Posted by Rick Jackomis DDS Mar 27, 2017

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Toothaches are always a serious cause for concern. While the cause might not be overtly obvious, discomfort in a tooth or the surrounding gums is almost always a sign of a significant oral health issue. To reduce the chances of suffering even more adverse complications, you should not delay in having a toothache professionally diagnosed at Rick Jackomis, DDS.

In many cases, toothache pain is related to some form of untreated tooth decay. However, it is possible for dental trauma to cause a toothache. If you have blood and debris in your mouth, you can rinse them away with lukewarm saltwater. This might also soothe injured gums while giving you a better look at the severity of the damage to the tooth.

You can try rubbing topical oral analgesic onto the surrounding gums for temporary relief while you seek professional care from Dr. Rick Jackomis.

While the toothache could occur immediately following a blow to the face or accidental fall, there are times when a dental trauma takes a day or two to cause a toothache.

In a situation like this, it might be that the internal structures of the tooth are damaged. This could also include damage to the underlying tissues of the socket. Many of these cases can be treated with endodontic therapy. Often referred to as a root canal, this course of treatment will restore the affected structures of the tooth and create an abutment to anchor an eventual dental crown.

If you live in the Sterling, Virginia, area and you’re suffering with a toothache, you should not delay in calling 703-444-9244 to have it examined and treated at Rick Jackomis, DDS.

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