Needle-Free Dentistry in Sterling, VA

Needle-free dentistry is a trend that is growing in popularity in the dental world. As the name suggests, in needle-free dentistry, there is no need to use any needles. Anesthesia can be administered in a needle-free dental procedure using a tool that is as thin as a strand of hair. In addition, lasers can be used for different dental procedures in order to avoid the need for anesthesia or traditional tools like drills. 

What Is Needle-Free Dentistry?

As the name implies, this type of dentistry does not use needles. Instead, our Dentist Sterling, VA can use laser dentistry or other methods to perform your treatment. For example, if you are having a cavity filled, the dentist will use a laser to remove the decayed area from the tooth and then fill the space with a composite material. This material is matched to the color of your teeth and is hardened in place so the tooth can be functional again. Lasers are commonly used to remove decay from a tooth before filling it.

In addition, we have replaced other traditional tools and methods with modern ones for our patients’ comfort. For instance, dental impressions are now taken using digital scans rather than traditional putty. This helps patients have a much more comfortable experience.

If you are nervous about going to the dentist and have avoided scheduling an appointment, needle-free dentistry may be right for you. In addition, we provide other ways for you to relax and feel comfortable during your visit. Many dentists have televisions in the exam rooms, some offices even have blankets and pillows you can use to feel cozy during your time in the office. Our dentist can also offer sedation as well, which can help you feel more relaxed during your appointment.

Benefits of Needle-Free Dentistry

There are many benefits to choosing needle-free dentistry over traditional methods. The most obvious benefit is that it allows patients to be calm and relaxed knowing that no needles or loud drills will be used for their procedure. This allows them to feel at ease and no longer avoid going to the dentist. 

Many patients who require multiple treatments or frequent maintenance often become weary of having to repeat the numbing process. If you are one of these people, you may benefit from learning about what needle-free dentistry offers. Patients who have sensitive teeth may also benefit from and feel more comfortable when a topical anesthetic is used instead of the traditional method of injecting lidocaine into the gum line. 

Is Needle-Free Dentistry Right for Me?

Everyone agrees - needles are no fun. If you have anxiety about needles, then you won’t have to worry about it when you visit us for your dental care. We do everything we can to make our patients comfortable, including offering the latest in anesthetic technology so that you can have a comfortable experience every time you visit us.

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