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Solea is a dental laser used on the tissues of the mouth that emits a gentle beam of light energy. It can be used for a wide variety of treatments, such as treating tooth decay, removing excess gum tissue, removing canker sores and cold sores, and treating gum disease.

The laser can target and remove the bacteria hiding in the nooks and crannies of teeth and gums, and it is up to 25 times more effective on bacteria than scaling alone. This highly effective tool can clean your teeth more effectively in fewer visits by removing the bacteria and infection from underneath the gums, which is harder to reach with traditional cleaning methods. Solea laser treatments can also help your gums to recover from gum disease more quickly by stimulating the regrowth of healthy tissue.

What Are the Benefits of a Solea Laser?

The Solea laser is one of the most advanced lasers in dentistry, and it’s especially effective in soft tissue procedures. This means that it works great for things like gum reshaping, gum disease treatment, and implant surgery. Many patients report that they feel little to no pain during or after the procedure! 

Additionally, the laser sterilizes the treated area as it cuts, which reduces the risk of post-op infection. Finally, using the laser means you don’t need stitches after the procedure — because the laser seals the gums tightly. All of these factors make laser treatment with Solea very comfortable and convenient for patients.

Laser Therapy vs. Conventional Treatment

Solea laser significantly reduces the pain and discomfort associated with dental treatments. This is comparatively higher in the case of conventional treatment procedures, even after administering local anesthesia.

In addition, when a Solea laser is used for treatment, the wound is instantly sealed by the laser as it cuts through the tissue. This means there is no bleeding during the procedure and no need for stitches after. Conventional treatment procedures involve making incisions, which lead to bleeding and the need for sutures.

The recovery period is significantly lower in the case of the Solea laser treatments. However, with traditional methods, the recovery period can range from a few weeks up to a month depending on the procedure.

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